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We are the largest digital music aggregator in Poland. With us you can more!

Our strength lies in music

Marketing consulting – top sector specialists at your service!

Trust the best!

  • Our team comprises recognized experts of the music industry, with many years of experience and unique knowledge on the specific nature of the Polish music market.
  • For many years, our company has been the creator of digital music distribution market, the originator and co-author of such services as Plus Music, Sklep Mp3 of the T-mobile network, PlayTheMusic and an active sponsor of numerous initiatives of the music industry.
  • We cooperate with all the important players on the music market:
    • We have signed contracts with all the world’s largest record labels: Sony, Warner,
    • We represent more than four hundred of Polish independent labels,
    • We act as intermediaries in the relationships with the largest music publishers and collective rights management organizations such as ZAIKS, ZPAV, STOART
  • Our team, the experience of its members and numerous contacts in the music industry can support all, even the most complex projects involving digital music.

Why is it worth to use our services?

  • We deliver comprehensive technical and marketing solutions, provide marketing consulting services, act as agents in acquiring rights to the use of music.
    • Do you want to use music in your commercial, advertise your products using a music clip, or perhaps use the image of a band in your promotional activities? Contact us!
  • Our services have been employed by such brands as Disney, Telepizza, TVP, Żywiec, Western Digital, Żabka, Fresh Market, Komputronik, Plus, T-Mobile, Play and many others.
  • The position of the leader of the Polish market of digital music distribution is an obligation!