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We are the largest digital music aggregator in Poland. With us you can more!

Our strength lies in music

YouTube – profit from our knowledge!

Why presence on YouTube makes sense?

  • YouTube has currently over a billion of unique users, it is indisputably the largest video service in the world. Every minute, its users upload 300 hours’ worth of new clips onto the service.
  • YouTube is not only a huge platform, which you can use to present your content to the world and quickly gain new fans. This is also more than a million of advertisers, who use Google services to promote their products.
  • Billions of views daily, combined with Google’s effectiveness in the sale of advertising, offer huge opportunities that let you effectively make money on your own video work. Regardless of the subject matter and type of multimedia content that you create.

Why is it worth to use our services?

  • Since 2012, we have been in a close relationship with Google as a strategic partner of YouTube. This means we are up to speed with the service’s development and the latest strategies for artists – we participate in workshops, take part in training sessions, are in constant contact with the YouTube team.
  • We are part of the YouTube multi-channel network (MCN). This gives us a full set of tools allowing us to provide comprehensive care for your material, including the content-matching system
  • Content ID and fully functional statistic panel, Analytics.
    The content under our management generates over 250 million views per month!